Welcome to my site. I am a very keem amateur photographer who has lived in the Kettering area since 1972. I have being taking pictures since the late 1950's, initially with a Kodak Brownie, progressing through 35mm, medium format, and now taking my first steps into digital capture.
Member of Desborough & Rothwell Photographic Society, and Leicester Forest Photographic Society.
Interested in all types of photography, but nothing suits me more than standing alongside a railway line waiting for a steam train with the frost on the ground, and a blue clear sky above!
I still process monochrome prints in the darkroom, but the personal computer is used to produce prints via the Photoshop software.
Negatives/slides being scanned into the computer via a Minolta Dimage 5400 scanner or a Nikon Coolscan IV. An Epson 4990 scanner being used for medium format.
Printing being achieved via an Epson Photo 1290, and an Epson 2100.
I am very much interested in entering external photographic exhibitions with some success over the years.